This is a girl I work with who designs most of the jewelry I'm wearing. She has very nice jewelry for both boys and girls.
The biggest dance label in germany and the label that realsed the track "So in love"
Owned by the group tune brothers Great deejays and producers !
Owned by Dj antoine a great label that helped us a lot !
Produce cava and wine in spain and are my number one choice  !
The guy how opened up my eyes for house music, my own House father
Owner of sidelake underground my swedish record label in electromusic
And also one of my producers
Makes my stage looks like a dream when im out touring
Martin Hygard
My second half in Dirtyhouseguys, And also agent for a lot of my bookings !
My patners in crime and beloved friends from germany , A lot of my music will be realsed with those guys